The Selig Experience

Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI
BRC Imagination Arts

This multimedia theater built inside of the Brewer’s Miller Park tells the inspiring story of Bud Selig, and how, against impossible odds, one man saved Major League Baseball in Milwaukee.
Original Music. Sound Design. Onsite Mix.

European Union Pavilion

Expo Milano 2015, Milan, Italy
BRC Imagination Arts

This beautiful, animated film tells the story of two neighbors, Alex and Sylvia. As the story unfolds, their lives become a heartwarming allegory of the European Union itself. This score evokes the music of Italian cinema.
Original Music. Sound Design. Onsite Mix.

Moments of Happiness

World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA
BRC Imagination Arts

A 6-minute film tells eight separate stories of happiness from around the globe. For the soundtrack, David created an extended 5.1 remix of the Imagine Dragons hit song, “On Top of the World”.
Music. Sound Design.

Story Garden

AmorePacific, Osan, S. Korea
BRC Imagination Arts

Two theaters and a walk-through experience help redefine the idea of a factory tour. Story Garden tells the remarkable story of how, in 1932, one woman used plant-based ingredients to create luxurious, handmade cosmetics, beginning what would become one of the world’s most successful skincare companies.
Original Music. Sound Design. Onsite Mix.

THEAAwardWinner, THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement, Themed Entertainment Association

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Marine Life Park
Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore

David curated over three hours of music to play throughout this beautiful, aquatic adventure park.
Parkwide Audio. Onsite Mix.

Typhoon Theater

Maritime Experiential Museum
Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore
Super 78

150 guests board an ancient Chinese ship bound for Arabia and encounter a devastating storm. As the boat sinks, the floor of theater hydraulically descends, taking everyone to the bottom of the ocean.
Original music. Sound Design. Onsite Mix.